Terms of service

§1.  Introduction

Terms used in these rules:

  • website –  http://sharebay.net
  • user – person registered at our website
  • guests – people who want to get access to our content shared by users
  • gateway – part of the advertising system which blocks contents placed at our website
  • lead – advertising offer completed by the guest

ShareBay.net is legally functioning website led by Karcz-Provider Company located in Poland, ul. Mostowa 24a, 34-120 Sulkowice, NIP: 5512615931, REGON: 122725088, website: http://karcz-provider.com.

These terms is the agreement concluded between owners and the users of the website at the moment of registering an account. Owners of the ShareBay.net website reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

§2.  User’s accounts

a) Signing up on ShareBay.net is completely free.

b) Every user is required to give his/her real personal data in every field of the registration form.

c) Every member of our website is allowed to buy the service called ”Premium Account” for a specific period of time; current types of available Premium Accounts and their descriptions can be found at the “Get Premium” tab.

d) We reserve the right to change certain parameters of the specific types of accounts.

e) Premium Accounts purchased here are not refundable.

f) One user is allowed to have more than one account although they cannot be related to each other using referral system.

f) One account can be used by one user only; sharing your account with other users is not permitted.

g) We reserve the right to block specific accounts in the case of abusing the rules.

h) Users who bought Premium Accounts must have full name and address in profile ("My Account"). Otherwise, the account will be disabled without refund.

§3. Earning on ShareBay.net

a) ShareBay.net allows its users to make money by sharing contents on the Internet.

b) On our website, users can place:

  • files;
  • videos;
  • photo galleries;
  • articles;
  • links.
c) To every of the things posted on our website user will receive the unique link which can be distributed legally.

d) All the contents in these links are blocked by gateway. In order to access them it is necessary to complete one of the offers displayed there.

e) ShareBay.net website is not responsible for incorrect working of gateways or offers displayed there and it is not responsible for consequences resulted from completing various offers.

f) User can request payout just after collecting payout minimum that is $15 only.
g) Payouts are processed by Payza and wire transfer; the maximum processing time since requesting depends on the type of an account user has.
h) Payments can be requested in USD and PLN.
i) In the case of payment in PLN, we use the exchange rate that is in the payment system in which the user request the payment.
j) We reserve the right to send a payment in another currency than was requested by the user.
k) There is a possibility to request “fast payout”; in this case payout waiting time does not exceed 3 business days, although the fee of 20% will be charged.
l) We reserve the right to delay the payouts; we do not charge any fee in the case of delays while processing “fast payout”.
m) If you refer someone to our website (if a person registers using your special referral link) you will get 10% of the money earned by this person for sharing contents.

§4. Prohibited activities

a) It is forbidden to make leads for oneself as well as every type of exchanging the leads with other members.

b) It is prohibited to post:

  • copyrighted contents;
  • adult contents;
  • illegal contents;
  • contents generally considered as immoral or vulgar.
c) Every actions which may damage the website, act against it, cause financial losses or make downtimes.

§5.  Final rules

a) Failure to comply with these rules will result In banning your account or other legal activities.

b) We also reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue providing services at any time without notice, without giving a reason and without possibility of applying for returning unpaid funds and contents placed on our website.